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Working in partnership to empower and support you in achieving your personal goals related to your optimal health and wellness.
- Individual & Group Coaching -
- Program Development -
- Wellness Consulting -
- Training & Facilitation -
- Coach Mentoring -


About Me

Welcome to my website. My name is Janie and I am a Certified Integrative Health Coach from Duke Integrative Medicine. I feel very fortunate....

What To Expect From
Your Health Coach

I will work with you or your group in partnership to empower and support you in achieving your personal goals related to optimal health and....

Is Health Coaching Right For You?

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, it’s more than just what you

eat and how you exercise. The quality and quantity of your sleep, how you....

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~Taking charge of your health~
Empowerment to make Healthy Choices, the Importance of
Self-Care, and Personalization of Health Planning

Qualification & Certification 

With an explosion of health and wellness coaching programs, it is difficult to determine the expertise and quality of coaches. 

What Is Integrative Health Coaching?

IHC empowers you to make lasting health behavior changes with a focus on the whole person, mind, body, and spirit, and the innate healing capacity within us all.

Resources For Your Health

Helpful tools, books, tips and links regarding your health and wellness

Maine, USA


Barbara, S.

 "Friendly and supportive. Janie is not only a great facilitator she is also an excellent listener. She exhibits great enthusiasm and passion for this program that is contagious! Her positive attitude and total supportive demeanor has really helped me learn, grow and achieve my health & wellness goals"

Steven, B.

"Janie is so supportive. She has been so focused on helping us to reach our goals, giving us all the tools we need to succeed. She doesn't judge. She walks us through all our fears, gives us confidence to keep fighting for ourselves and most of all that there is no wrong way to get healthy. I feel so lucky  to be a part of this class. She is wonderful!"

~ Susan. G

Janie is a trustworthy, high performing and effective training specialist with a passion for helping others. She is a valuable source of advice, motivation, and support. She offered an amazing variety of ideas, insight, tools, and action plans to enable the successful growth, change and resilience our group needed. She is an intuitive, wonderful listener who creates a warm and welcoming environment for her students. She gave me the confidence to reach and exceed my health and wellness goals, and I can never thank her enough.

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