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~ Cooper. B

Just a shout out to Janie for all her leadership and PASSION in helping our group through some of the toughest times our country has ever seen.

We had to go virtual and that is not what we had signed up for. Not sure if that made her task more difficult or more rewarding. We couldn't have done it without you Janie. Keep up the good work as you are making a difference in people's lives. Your door is always open and so is your HEART!


"Janie has been a true partner with me on my weight loss journey! She is warm, supportive, and at times believed in me more than I believed in myself. Through her coaching, I learned that yes, I could! I could reach my weight loss goals with sustainable lifestyle choices that are meaningful to ME. She skillfully helped me uncover just what that was by seeing me as a whole person, not just someone who needed to lose weight. Over time I was able to lose over 56 pounds! I'm no longer pre-diabetic. My cholesterol and blood pressure are now normal for the first time in 15 years, and I'm off all medications! I sleep better, manage stress better, and have never had so much energy! Thank you, Janie, for helping me find my vitality for life again! (my husband and children thank you too)"

~ Kerry. H

 Janie was a fun instructor who made everyone feel comfortable and inclusive as members of the program.  Janie presented the material well while giving each participant a chance to contribute to it.  She also made herself available to all of us in answering any questions we may have had outside of the class setting.  Above all, Janie is very committed to achieving her objectives primarily because she so loves what she does.  She is a valuable asset to this program and should be seen as such.

~ Sara. K

~ Sandra. K

This was an amazing experience and so happy that my doctor recommended.             

I have made some wonderful friends who still support me even though class has ended. Priceless !

Janie is a very caring intelligent woman who made me feel welcomed right from the beginning. She has a warm heart that was displayed to the whole class each and every time we met. She has a sense of humor that helped too. I’m so glad I took this class and I recommend it to my coworkers all the time!!

~ Tammy. S

I am writing you to let you know how amazing Janie Bisson is as  a wellness coach(although I am certain you already know this ).  I was enrolled in her Thursday night class from 9/2020 through 9/2021.  It was truly the best experience out of any nutritional classes I have attended.( and believe me I have tried so many and so many diets in my short 54 years)  It truly is a great program that I feel needs to become more public knowledge so other Mainers can experience it and thrive from the education and support that is provided from the year long class.  Janie made it very clear right from the first meeting that this was a full year commitment to the group and that was very key.  People were committed to it as the health benefits that we all were experiencing were so good.  My doctor saw results the very first three month check up that I had with blood work and weight loss.  I no longer am  boarder line for type 11 diabetes and all my numbers are all in the normal ranges where they should be.  Not only did I loose fifty pounds(and more to go) I have so much more energy and am making the right food choices and tracking everything I eat which I came to realize is huge for me.  My doctor says I am her poster child patient that when she recommends the program she uses me and tells them about my experience.    Janie is an amazing coach and felt she never judged anyone and always had answers and suggestions to help us succeed and have healthier lifestyles. If you could clone her for your program I would highly recommend it. 😊

I am so grateful that my doctor recommended this class and the year long journey with Janie and our class was the best experience ever.  I remember when I signed up for it I was thinking oh wow, one more thing to add to my crazy schedule but very quickly I was looking forward to my Thursday night classes and our group and miss not having them now.  I am continuing what I have learned and making the right choices for me and my body and the biggest take away is to be always tracking my food and every little morsal that goes near my lips as it all adds up .

This is a lifestyle change that makes me very happy and when you eat right you have so much more energy and feel so good! Tracking activity  levels also is something I had never done and boy it is so important. Thank you for providing this program and I hope it continues to grow.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time.

Thanks again so much and I can’t say enough about Janie Bisson.


~ Traci. F

 I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate & be successful!

I live in rural northern Maine & could not believe when I read the article for the program in a local paper. I have battled my weight throughout my life trying about everything. Being mid 50s & continuing to gain weight no matter what it seemed made me feel like giving up. I decided to give it a try because it sounded like such a unique program and couldn't believe it could be free. I was a little concerned about the commitment but soon realized I looked forward to each class. My coach is caring, encouraging, positive, resourceful & empathetic. I appreciated that the tone was accepting, & nurturing- never disapproving or critical! I exceeded my goal, finishing at a set point that is 10 pounds less than on my driver's license & my husband has also benefitted now weighing what he did in high school! I am happy to tell others about the program & shout out a BIG THANKS for an awesome opportunity!

Janie has given me advice, motivation, support and a variety of ideas, insight, tools, and action plans to be successful. She gave me the confidence to reach and exceed my health and wellness goals! I do not believe I would have been successful on my own without her support and the support of everyone in the class.

Most difficult challenge for me was 

staying on with the tracking. The 

group accountability was a real

help! I found now that I track consistently I am losing weight and 

most importantly feeling stronger and

sleeping better!

Also, two helpful things were: 

one-on-one sessions with Janie!

Also, tips from other participants. 

When they shared their struggles,

it helped me realize I’m not alone

in my struggles!

Janie as a coach is a rock star!🤩

Janie shared her personal struggles 

and supported us with our struggles 

by giving us practical tips and


I would recommend Janie as a coach

to anyone who wants to be successful!
Thanks to this program and Janie’s 

Support and coaching I have lost 20 

pounds in 13 weeks!



~ Sr. Diane

Thank you Janie for being such a wonderful, supportive and

upbeat coach.

You have found what you love and it enriches so many!

God uses you through this and I am

very grateful.

Peace & blessings,


~ Vinette. D

I can't say enough about Janie and how great she was to work with on this journey.  When I first joined, but prior to the initial zoom call, I was a little nervous about making such a long commitment. Weekly Zoom meetings for quite some time. But after the first meeting with Janie, my fears vanished. She made the zoom meetings something to look forward to and our group quickly bonded with each other and with Janie.  The information we reviewed was always presented in a way that was relatable and motivational without

being intimidating.

Janie made the class interactive by getting us all to participate rather than just be lectured to. I personally learn better that way. We learned in such a way that it never felt like work. Everything was oriented to "real life challenges" i.e. stress, vacations, travel, family obligations and Janie gave us lots of tips and tricks to stick to our plans and goals without feeling guilty if we slipped. We all lost weight. I lost about 25 pounds, something I had struggled to do in the past and have been maintaining my loss for 4 months so far. 

Janie was also very generous with her time. She does this because she loves helping people and loves her job. She always offered us one on one time if we were struggling, something she did not have to do. She also shared  her own struggles with weight loss and maintenance which

really made us all feel like we were

in this together.

I will be forever grateful to Maine Health and Janie Bisson for this opportunity and for what I learned that will help me maintain my health as I age.

~ Kerry. W

"This class taught me how to prioritize myself and my healthy lifestyle. Making time to purchase healthy food, prepare it and eat it is now a priority. I also have a much better work/life balance and getting outside each day is a priority.


I journal daily, something I never did before or at least never kept up as a practice. This practice examines my emotions and stress levels. Writing helps me put things into perspective so that at the end of the day I am not "eating my emotions"." My instructor, Janie, was fantastic. Always upbeat, never critical. Accepting of setbacks and real life situations that sometimes do get in the way of tracking, eating healthy, etc. She made us aware of the fact that now and then it is okay to splurge, enjoy that piece of cake, and to take note of the small changes and how they add up.



~ Cathy. C

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